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Established in 2016

Privacy Policy

Collection of anonymized data

When you visit our website, we are collecting information, such as the geographical area you’re accessing the website from, type of the device, operating system, browser name and version. This information is not personally identifiable (it cannot be traced back to you).

We collect this information, to help us make business decisions regarding the allocation of financial and time resources into the development of our marketplace offering across different platforms. For example: realizing the high share of users accessing our website from mobile devices, we decided to redesign our order form, to be more user-friendly when access from mobile devices.

Anonymized geographical information helps us in understanding in what cities and districts people interested in our marketplace offering are located. Based on such information, we’re making marketing and business development decisions. For example: if we were to run a marketing campaign targeting users from a particular city in Europe, but based on the collected data realized that very few users visited our website from that city, we could make a decision ‘switch-off’ such campaign. Similarly, if we see a substantial number of visitors from a particular city, where our marketplace services are currently not available, we will allocate additional resources to help prepare for launch in that new market.

Collection of personally identifiable information

As Online Marketplace helping you in finding cleaning service for your home or office, we naturally need to collect personally identifiable information (information which can be traced to you). Personally identifiable information is only collected when you place a cleaning order, or use the contact form available on our website.

Data collected after placing the order for cleaning service

In order to be able to match you with an independent cleaning service provider, we need to collect the following information in our order form:

Information named above is the minimum viable information we, and the independent cleaning service providers we’re working with need to know to be able to service your order.

In addition collected above, our payment processor - PayPal stores your information regarding the transaction. Such information includes your billing address, and in some cases the shipping address (if you entered such data to PayPal). As PayPal’s clients, we have access to such data. We use this information to match the payment collected from you, with your profile in our system (i.e. to determine whether a given payment comes from you).

Data collected when using our contact form

When you choose to contact us using a contact form available on our website, we’re collecting the following information from you:

The information named above is stored only in Google Apps For Business and our customer support software. We need this information to assist you with the issue you reaching out to us with.

Sharing information with third parties

We do not share or sell your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to third parties for marketing, or other ‘for-profit’ services. Your PII is shared with 3rd parties on ‘need-to-know’ basis, only when it is necessary to facilitate the order for cleaning service. Such third parties include only independent cleaning providers, which accepted the cleaning order presented to them in the anonymized form, and which are going to perform the cleaning service and freelancers we’re working with.

In addition to the cases named above, we reserve the right to share your information with collection agencies and credit report bureaus (e.g. SCHUFA), if you default on payment to a service provider hired using our marketplace (i.e. you do not pay your bill). Before sharing the information with such 3rd parties, we send you a notice about that to your email address.

Where your information is stored?

Your information is primarily stored in MySQL database linked to our proprietary marketplace software ‘Augusta’ hosted with Digital Ocean on servers located in Germany. In addition to our proprietary marketplace software, your data may be stored on Google Drive (e.g. invoices for cleaning service), Google Apps for business (e.g. Gmail, Google Spreadsheets), and Insightly CRM software.

Accessing you data

If you wish to access any of your data, please send us an email with such request to info@spicandspan.fr, specifying the scope of information you wish to receive, the preferred format (e.g. .csv, .odf, etc.), and email address where the information should be sent to.

Deleting your data

Your personally identifiable information can always be deleted at your request, except in cases where we are required to store such information for accounting purposes, or ‘know your customer’ regulations relevant to financial transactions. If you request us to delete the information, which we are legally required to keep for a certain period of time, such information will be deleted as soon as we are legally able to do so.

In order to request the deletion of your data, please send us an email with such request to info@spicandspan.fr. All of you personally identifiable information will be replaced with either hashed or meaningless data (e.g. instead of your real name, the record will be replaced with DELETED_CUSTOMER, your email address with customer_12345@example.com).