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Privacy Policy

Collection of anonymized data

When you visit our website, we collect non-personally identifiable information such as your geographical area, device type, operating system, and browser name and version. This data is used to enhance our service offerings and inform our marketing strategies.

We may share this anonymized data with various third-party advertising platforms (including, but not limited to, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and other similar platforms) to conduct targeted advertising campaigns. These platforms may employ cookies, pixels, and other tracking technologies to deliver personalized advertisements based on your browsing behavior and preferences.

Please note that our use of such technologies and platforms may evolve over time to align with new business strategies or technological advancements. Our commitment to your privacy remains, and we will continue to use these tools in a manner that respects your data privacy.

Collection of personally identifiable information

As Online Marketplace helping you in finding cleaning service for your home or office, we naturally need to collect personally identifiable information (information which can be traced to you). Personally identifiable information is only collected when you place a cleaning order, or use the contact form available on our website.

Data collected after placing the order for cleaning service

In order to be able to match you with an independent cleaning service provider, we need to collect the following information in our order form:

Information named above is the minimum viable information we, and the independent cleaning service providers we’re working with need to know to be able to service your order.

In addition collected above, our payment processors (Mollie & Stripe) store your information regarding the transaction. As their customer, we have access to such data. We use this information to match the payment collected from you, with your profile in our system (i.e. to determine whether a given payment comes from you).

Data collected when using our contact form

When you choose to contact us using a contact form available on our website, we’re collecting the following information from you:

Where your information is stored?

Your information is primarily stored in database linked to our proprietary marketplace software hosted with Digital Ocean on servers located in the European Union. In addition to our proprietary marketplace software, your data may be stored on Google Drive, Google Apps for business (e.g. Gmail, Google Spreadsheets), and Helpscout and Zendesk customer support apps.

Consent for Marketing Purposes

By engaging with our services, you consent to our use of your data, including anonymized browsing data, for broad marketing purposes as outlined in this privacy policy. This encompasses targeted advertising efforts across a variety of third-party platforms. We are committed to providing you with control over your data; therefore, you have the option to opt out of targeted advertising at any time. Should you decide to withdraw your consent for any reason, please reach out to us using the contact details provided.

Sharing Information with Third Parties

In addition to previously stated purposes, we may share or collaborate with a broad range of third-party marketing and advertising partners. This includes, but is not limited to, platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and others as necessary for our marketing efforts. These collaborations enable us to engage in targeted advertising campaigns, analyze their effectiveness, and enhance our marketing strategies. We ensure that no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is shared without your explicit consent, adhering to our commitment to protect your privacy.

General Data Use and Flexibility Clause

To ensure our services remain responsive to our users' needs and the latest market trends, we may adopt new technologies and marketing strategies that involve the use of your data. This may include the introduction of new advertising platforms or analytics tools not specifically named in this policy. We pledge to uphold the highest standards of privacy and transparency in utilizing such technologies, and any significant changes to our practices will be communicated to you through updates to this policy or direct communication, as appropriate.

Accessing you data

If you wish to access any of your data, please send us an email with such request to info@spicandspan.net.

You have the right to access, rectify, or erase your personal data, including withdrawing any consent you have given for the use of your data for marketing purposes. You also have the right to object to the processing of your data for targeted advertising. To exercise these rights, please contact us.

Deleting your data

Your personally identifiable information can always be deleted at your request, except in cases where we are required to store such information for accounting purposes, or ‘know your customer’ regulations relevant to financial transactions. If you request us to delete the information, which we are legally required to keep for a certain period of time, such information will be deleted as soon as we are legally able to do so.

In order to request the deletion of your data, please send us an email with such request to info@spicandspan.net. All of you personally identifiable information will be replaced with either hashed or meaningless data (e.g. instead of your real name, the record will be replaced with DELETED_CUSTOMER, your email address with customer_12345@example.com).