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Terms & Conditions

General Provisions

These Terms and Conditions apply to the “SPIC AND SPAN. Home & Office Cleaning” online marketplace platform. The platform (hereinafter referred to as “SPIC AND SPAN.”) belongs to A&K Ventures OÜ and can be accessed via URL: spicandspan.net (i.e. spicandspan.at, spicandspan.de, spicandspan.fr, spicandspan.lu, spicandspan.pl, spicandspan.pt, spicandspan.se, etc.).

SPIC AND SPAN. is an online marketplace connecting private and commercial customers with experienced cleaners in Austria, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, and Sweden. “SPIC AND SPAN. Home & Office Cleaning” is a registered trademark of A&K Ventures OÜ. Address: Sepapaja 6, 15551 Tallinn, Estonia. Tel: +372 71 22 225. Web: ak-ventures.eu). Management Board: Amadeusz Annissimo and Karol Kaczmarek. Registered at Tartu County Court Registration Department, Registry code 14080385 (hereinafter referred to as "A&K Ventures” or “SPIC AND SPAN.”).

"Cleaning Service Provider" (hereinafter referred to as "Service Provider") refers to a company or individual that provides cleaning services through the SPIC AND SPAN. platform. Service Provider is independent from SPIC AND SPAN. and is not an employee, agent, representative, or subsidiary of SPIC AND SPAN.

"Customer" refers to any person or entity that uses the SPIC AND SPAN. platform to order cleaning services from Service Provider. By using the SPIC AND SPAN. platform to order cleaning services, Customer agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement.

"After-Cleaning Report" refers to a document that outlines the details and results of a cleaning service that has been provided. It includes information such as the date and time of the cleaning, the specific areas or items that were cleaned, any issues or concerns that were noted during the cleaning process, and any recommendations or suggestions for future cleanings. After-Cleaning Report is submitted by Service Provider to Customer after a cleaning.

"Customer Dashboard" refers to a a web-based interface being a part of SPIC AND SPAN. Platform that provides Customers with access to information and services related to their accounts or subscriptions with SPIC AND SPAN.

SPIC AND SPAN. Home & Office Cleaning strives to be fully transparent and create clear terms and conditions for customers using our platform. We believe that simplicity is the key to the satisfaction of our customers.

As a customer, you agree that SPIC AND SPAN. is not responsible for any Service Provider's actions or omissions, including any damage or loss caused by Service Provider during the provision of cleaning services.

By using our platform, Customer agrees to indemnify and hold SPIC AND SPAN., its affiliates, and its respective directors, officers, employees, and agents harmless from any claims, damages, liabilities, and expenses arising from your use of SPIC AND SPAN. platform or your breach of these terms and conditions.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy

In accordance with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy, if Customer is not satisfied with the cleaning results, they may be eligible for a full refund, a partial refund, a discount, or a free correction cleaning session if Service Provider acknowledges the complaint and it is deemed justified. To file a relevant complaint, Customer must submit it in writing within 24 hours of the cleaning appointment, including photos depicting any neglected areas. If Customer requests a free correction cleaning session, it must be scheduled no later than 3 days after the initial cleaning.

Our refund policy requires that any dissatisfaction with the service must be reported to us via email to info@spicandspan.net within 24 hours after the cleaning, along with relevant photos and a brief explanation. Our primary objective is to maintain a thriving and happy community, and we will always strive to make it right to you. If Customer is not pleased or satisfied with the service provided, we do not wish to keep them as an unhappy customer. We reserve the right to reject complaints that are not submitted within 24 hours of the cleaning or are deemed unjustified.

We reserve the right to reject any quality complaints if Customer limits the cleaning duration or reduces the recommended cleaning duration. Any issues, remarks, or complaints must be recorded in the comments field of the After-Cleaning Report. We reserve the right to reject any quality complaints if they were not mentioned in the After-Cleaning Report.

Access to Your Home

Prior to commencement of the first service, arrangements regarding access to your home shall be discussed. Customer may provide a copy of a key to Service Provider, thereby alleviating the need to remember to leave a hide-a-key or to be present at each visit to let Service Provider into the property, which also avoids lockout charges.

In the event that Service Provider is unable to enter your property at the agreed start time, Service Provider shall wait at your doorstep for a period of 10 minutes (October-March) or 20 minutes (April-September). If there is no answer, despite calling and ringing the doorbell, Customer may leave the premises after waiting for the aforementioned time period. In such cases, a deposit for the first hour of cleaning shall be charged to compensate Service Provider. Please note that in such cases, Customer is required to pay a new deposit to schedule another cleaning appointment.

Appointment Booking

First-time Customers shall be required to reserve a cleaning session by means of our online booking form, which is available on the websites of SPIC AND SPAN.

Regular and recurring Customers shall be permitted to reserve subsequent cleaning sessions via the online booking form, or alternatively, by requesting appointments by contacting our Customer Support Team through telephone or email.

Appointment Confirmation & Cancelation

We acknowledge that unforeseen circumstances may arise in life. To account for this, we have instituted a policy that allows for some flexibility. It is mandated that Customer provides at least 48 hours' notice to cancel, reschedule, or modify an appointment without incurring any additional charges. Should an appointment be canceled, rescheduled, or modified in less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled cleaning service, a cancelation fee (equivalent to compensation for the first hour of the ordered cleaning) will be applied.

A reminder email shall be dispatched to Customers 24 hours before their scheduled cleaning appointment. Customers may view their reserved appointments in their Customer Dashboard. To confirm a scheduled cleaning appointment, a deposit for the first hour of the cleaning service is required. The deposit request shall be sent to the Customer's email address specified in the online booking form. The deposit for the first hour of the cleaning shall be temporarily withheld from the Customer's account. If the booking is canceled no later than 48 hours before the scheduled cleaning time, the deposit shall be refunded in full. Failure to pay the deposit within 48 hours of the scheduled cleaning appointment shall result in the booking's cancelation, excluding Last-Minute cleaning services. In the case of Last-Minute cleaning services, Customers must settle payment for the deposit within 2 hours of placing the booking; otherwise, the Last-Minute booking shall be voided.

In cases approved by the Platform, the first-time Customer may also place a booking via email, phone, chat, or other alternative means of communication. The Platform reserves the right to approve or deny any such requests at its sole discretion. If the Platform approves a booking request made via alternative means of communication, the Customer agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement. Regardless of the method of booking, the Customer agrees to provide accurate and complete information to facilitate the provision of cleaning services by the Cleaning Service Provider.

Arrival Day

SPIC AND SPAN. strives to consistently schedule a predetermined date and time of Service Provider's arrival. However, in the event of Service Provider's staff illness or unforeseeable circumstances, we reserve the right to reschedule the appointment. We shall endeavor to provide Customer with as much advance notice as feasible.

Arrival Time & Cleaning Duration

Cleaning services are available for booking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As each home or office varies in the time it takes to clean, Service Provider cannot guarantee an exact arrival or departure time, nor can an exact cleaning duration estimate be provided prior to a booked cleaning appointment.

In the event that a booking cannot be made due to limited availability on a particular day, Customer Support Team will notify Customer via email and provide alternative booking dates.

The minimum cleaning duration is 2 hours. If the cleaning service is completed in less time, Customer will still be charged for 2 hours, as it is not feasible for Service Providers to travel or commute for assignments that are less than 2 hours.

The pricing structure is transparent to eliminate any unexpected charges. Customer is charged per each started 30 minutes of cleaning service. When booking a cleaning service, Customers may request special services, such as steam cleaning, sanitization, ironing, gardening, and others. Some special requests are only available within upgraded packages, such as Moving-in-out Cleaning or Deep Cleaning. If the scope of work for a special request is extensive, the Service Provider may request an additional charge for such service. For more information, please refer to the included services within certain cleaning packages or contact our Customer Support.


It is inevitable that breakages or damages may occur during cleaning. Service Providers take precautions to avoid such incidents, however, accidents may happen due to "booby traps". "Booby traps" are hazardous situations that may result in damages or breakages, and we cannot take responsibility for them. Service Providers are responsible for any breakage or damage resulting from their actions. We encourage Customers to remove unstable and breakable items from areas that are to be cleaned to avoid such incidents.

We do not accept responsibility for any breakages or damages that occur during the cleaning service. Nevertheless, we are committed to facilitating communication between Customer and the assigned Service Provider to ensure prompt resolution of any issues. Any complaints or remarks regarding breakages or damages should be included in the comments field of the After-Cleaning Report. Service Providers are fully responsible for any damage or breakage in all justifiable cases.

As an online marketplace platform, SPIC AND SPAN. is not liable for any loss, damage, or theft of items left unattended by Customer during the cleaning service. We are also not responsible for any loss or damage that may occur due to Service Providers entering the customer's property.

Cleaning Completion

Customer is required to inspect and review the cleaning results after each cleaning appointment and complete the After-Cleaning Report, which includes confirmation of the cleaning duration and overall feedback. In the event that any issues, remarks or complaints arise, Customer must include them in the comments field of the After-Cleaning Report.

Cleaning Equipment

Additional charges may be applicable if Service Provider is required to provide cleaning equipment, such as basic cleaning solvents, a vacuum, a mop, or a ladder, for Regular Cleaning, One-time Cleaning, Office Cleaning, or Last-Minute Cleaning services. However, such extra fees are discounted for Moving-in-out Cleaning services. The hourly charge for Deep Cleaning services includes all necessary cleaning equipment.

If a specific cleaning equipment is necessary, the exact fee will be determined by consulting with Service Provider. Customer will be notified of such a charge via email before the service is provided. The specific fees for cleaning equipment provision are detailed in our online booking form. For further information, kindly reach out to our Customer Support Team.

Dedicated Cleaners

It is our usual practice to assign the same Service Provider's cleaners to your property following the first-time cleaning. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, we may be unable to guarantee the same Service Provider or its cleaners. In such cases, our Customer Support Team will contact you and work to find a suitable solution, such as a replacement for an unavailable cleaner.

Through our Online Booking Form, you have the option to book a single cleaner or a team of 2-5 cleaners. If a larger team is required, please contact our Customer Support Team directly to arrange a suitable team size.

Getting Ready for the Cleaning

To optimize the quality of cleaning and to minimize the overall cleaning duration, Customer is advised not to "clean” before Service Provider arrives, but to "pick up” as much as possible in areas that require cleaning. Service Provider may decline to clean heavily cluttered areas (shelving, countertops, etc.) to avoid possible breakage, unless otherwise specified.

In the case of the first-time cleaning, Customer is encouraged to show the assigned cleaner around the property and provide a comprehensive explanation of their requirements to ensure that the cleaner fully understands their needs.

Health & Safety

For reasons of health and safety, Service Providers are unable to clean up human, pest (including flea and rodent infestations), or pet waste and bodily fluids. If Service Provider enters a home that requires this type of cleaning, they may skip the affected rooms. We request to be informed beforehand if this may be an issue.

Cleaners are required to wear closed-toed, non-skid shoes while cleaning. Service Providers may not be able to provide service for "shoes off" households. To ensure the best quality of service and safety of cleaners, only attested cleaning supplies and equipment may be used during a booked cleaning.


SPIC AND SPAN. assumes responsibility for its employees and their actions, and implements policies aimed at reducing potential risks. In the event of any unresolved incidents, SPIC AND SPAN. will review the matter to ensure a fair resolution.

SPIC AND SPAN. is dedicated to facilitating effective communication between Customers and Service Providers, and attempting at resolving any issues that may arise.

By using the Online Booking Form to request cleaning services, Customer grants permission to SPIC AND SPAN. to share their contact information and booking details with the assigned Service Provider. Service Provider is unable to perform the requested services without access to the Customer's contact information and booking details.

In the event that payment for provided cleaning services remains overdue for more than 30 days, Customer grants permission to SPIC AND SPAN. to share their contact information and booking details with the EU Online Dispute Resolution platform, as well as with a lawyer who handles debt collection disputes on behalf of Service Provider. The Customer's information may be shared with the EU Online Dispute Resolution platform and the lawyer for as long as the debt remains unpaid.

By making a payment, whether in advance or upon completion of the cleaning services, for services provided by Service Provider through the SPIC AND SPAN. platform, Customer confirms that the services have been ordered via the marketplace platform. This confirmation constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth herein.

SPIC AND SPAN. reserves the right to remove any Service Provider or Customer from its platform at its own discretion, without any prior notice or explanation.

Opt-Out Option & Fee

Should Customer choose to cooperate directly with Service Provider or their cleaners, they may opt-out of the SPIC AND SPAN. Platform. However, this requires the payment of an opt-out fee to SPIC AND SPAN. for introducing Service Provider or its cleaners to Customer, allowing them to work together outside of the SPIC AND SPAN. Platform without violating the SPIC AND SPAN. Terms of Service Non-Circumvention Period.

Customer may only opt-out of the SPIC AND SPAN. Platform with respect to each relationship with the introduced and assigned Service Provider / cleaner by paying an opt-out fee for each such relationship. The Opt-Out Fee for each relationship (with Service Provider / cleaner) is 5000€ (five thousand euros).

To pay the Opt-Out Fee, Customer must send an email to info@spicandspan.net requesting the opt-out option and specifying which cleaner they would like to cooperate directly with. SPIC AND SPAN. will charge Customer the Opt-Out Fee, and confirm the opt-out within 5 working days after receiving the due fee from Customer.


In the absence of an active subscription (regular cleaning schedule) with SPIC AND SPAN., a deposit for the first hour of the cleaning must be paid before a booked service can be rendered. The final payment is due after the completion of every service, unless other arrangements have been agreed upon in writing. The deposit must be settled at least 2 days (48 hours) before the scheduled cleaning service, except for Last-Minute cleaning services which require the deposit to be paid within 2 hours after placing a booking.

In the event that the deposit is not paid within the stipulated timeframe, the booking is automatically removed from our Platform. Should Customer still require the cleaning service, they are required to contact our Customer Support Team or book another cleaning through the online booking form available on the SPIC AND SPAN. website.

The final payment is due no later than 5 days after receiving a payment request, unless other arrangements have been made in writing. If Customer cannot be charged automatically, a payment request will be issued after the cleaning. The final payment is based on the After-Cleaning Report. All automated charges and payment requests are generated and processed by our transaction service provider "Mollie" or "Stripe". By completing the first payment, Customer consents to Mollie or Stripe processing all their future payments.

We accepts various payment methods, including major credit and debit cards, bank transfers, SOFORT, SEPA transfers, PayPal, etc. All payments are made online through our transaction service provider (Mollie or Stripe). Cash payments are not accepted.

After each cleaning, Customer receives a cleaning summary and is requested to rate their cleaning experience. An invoice is issued after each cleaning or at the end of each month, whichever is arranged and confirmed with Customer. Invoices generated by Service Providers are saved in pdf format, and sent to the email address provided by Customer in the Online Booking Form. Service Providers may decline to print out an invoice or send it by post.


We love them! However, Customers are requested to ensure the safety of Cleaners by securing any pet that may pose a threat. Furthermore, Service Providers are not authorized to clean up after sick pets or pet accidents. In the event that a pet may escape during the cleaning, Customer is liable and is advised to secure their pet. Service Providers are not responsible for any loss or harm to the pets.

Requirements for Email Communication & Marketing.

By completing your personal information in a contact or booking form available on SPIC AND SPAN. websites (spicandspan.net, spicandspan.at, spicandspan.de, spicandspan.fr, spicandspan.lu, spicandspan.pl, spicandspan.pt, spicandspan.se) or contacting us via email or phone in relation to the offered cleaning services, you explicitly consent to receiving electronic communications from us. These communications may include, but are not limited to, updates on new services, company updates, promotions, helpful news, or tips on cleaning.

If you no longer wish to receive these communications or newsletters from SPIC AND SPAN., please send an email to info@spicandspan.net with a relevant request to unsubscribe. We advise against flagging messages from our mailing lists as spam, as this does not prevent further messages from being sent to you. It is Customer's responsibility to inform us of their request to unsubscribe, and we will promptly remove their email address from our mailing list within 24 hours of receipt of such request.

By clicking the "book cleaning” button in the SPIC AND SPAN. order form, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of both SPIC AND SPAN. and A&K Ventures.


Customers may subscribe to cleaning services via the SPIC AND SPAN. Platform. By subscribing as a regular customer, you may receive special discounted rates for Regular Cleaning services. The Regular Cleaning package may only be booked by Customers with an active and valid subscription. To activate a subscription, Customers may select this option in the Online Booking Form or contact the Customer Support Team. Regular cleanings can be arranged on any given day of the week (Monday-Sunday) with one of the 4 frequency options available: every week, every two weeks, every three weeks, or every four weeks.

A continuous subscription guarantees fixed, reduced prices. However, if cleaning appointments are paused or canceled for more than 30 days, the subscription will be automatically canceled and become inactive. If a subscription is reactivated after more than 30 days, the current prices will apply. It is not possible to reactivate a subscription after more than 30 days at previous rates if rates have changed in the interim.

For more information on the subscription Terms and Conditions or discounted rates, Customers are advised to contact the Customer Support Team.

The Setting

It is kindly requested that the property (i.e., apartment, house, office, etc.) be unoccupied during the time of cleaning. This is to ensure that the cleaners can be as efficient as possible, and provide the best results. However, it is understood that this may not always be feasible, and such cases will need to be discussed before setting up the cleaning service. For example, if Customer has a home office, and is on conference calls, cleaning visits would need to be scheduled around that, as Service Provider cannot use a vacuum cleaner during that time. Similarly, if there is a child at home, cleaning time would need to be arranged around nap times, etc.


Gratuity is strictly voluntary. While our internal policy mandates Service Providers to provide their best and deliver premium cleaning service at all times, we cannot restrain anyone from demonstrating their gratitude for exceptional services rendered. In Europe, a customary gratuity of 10 – 20% is the general practice. Since a significant percentage of the cleaning service rate caters to overhead expenses (such as Transaction, Travelling, Liability, Taxes, Training Costs, Cleaning Supplies etc.), any additional bonus provided to a cleaner to feel valued and committed is always appreciated.

Travel & Parking Surcharge

In the event that Service Providers are unavailable in a particular city, it is possible to send the closest Service Provider to Customer's location. However, additional charges may be applicable as compensation for travel time and costs based on the distance between the Service Provider's city of operation and the Customer's location.

Customer will receive information about the travel costs via email. If the applied travel costs are deemed unacceptable, Customer must inform our Customer Support about it in writing (via email) no later than 2 days (48 hours) prior to the scheduled cleaning, unless Customer has booked the Last Minute Cleaning package, in which case the Customer Support must be informed immediately. If such communication occurs, the booked cleaning service is canceled and the deposit refunded in full.

The cleaning service with applied travel costs is considered confirmed if Customer accepts the travel costs via email or Customer does not respond to Customer Support and pays a deposit for the booked service. In both cases, the cleaning service with applied travel costs is deemed confirmed.

In addition to travel costs, Service Provider may also request a parking fee as compensation for parking costs if there is no free parking available at Customer's location. This fee will be communicated to Customer via email prior to the scheduled cleaning. If the applied parking fee is not acceptable, Customer must inform our Customer Support about it in writing (via email) no later than 2 days (48 hours) before the scheduled cleaning unless Customer booked the Last Minute Cleaning package (then Customer Support should be informed right away). In such cases, the booked cleaning service is canceled and a deposit refunded in full. The cleaning service with applied parking fee is confirmed provided that Customer accepts the parking fee via email. The cleaning service with applied parking fee is also deemed as confirmed provided that Customer does not respond to the Customer Support and a deposit for the booked service is paid.


If you require any additional clarification regarding our policies, please do not hesitate to contact us. We strive to ensure that Service Providers treat all types of properties (apartments, houses, offices, etc.) with utmost care and professionalism. In the event of any shortcomings, we encourage you to inform us promptly. We are committed to resolving any issues that may arise in a timely and satisfactory manner.

Our Customer Support Agents are available for you 24/7 via email. You may also communicate with us by calling or writing directly through our chat from 8 AM until 6 PM local time every day.


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